Revolutionary new Gas Micro CHP unit ready for the UK

Tomkinson Heating Ltd are proud to offer a new revolutionary natural gas Micro CHP unit for the UK market. The EnerTwin Micro CHP unit developed by MTT Micro Turbine Technology BV is capable of producing 3kW of single phase electrical power and 15kW of thermal power. The highly efficient and reliable micro turbine allows the unit to run for 5000 hours in-between services, dramatically reducing operational costs.

EnerTwin Micro CHPWe have supplied Combined Heat and Power units but up until now, they were only suitable for the larger industry with three-phase electrical supplies. By supplying the new EnerTwin unit, we can now service the large domestic and small commercial sector with an on-demand power generating unit helping cut energy bills and also dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

EnerTwin Micro CHP

Our on-going development will also include the introduction of a 2kW electrical output version that will be accredited under the Governments Feed-in-tariff.

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