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Spanner RE2 release new Energy Block Biomass CHP systems

The cleverly designed Energy Block is a compact, turnkey solution that cogenerates heat and electricity from wood with maximum flexibility and autonomy. The system is ideal for ‘off-grid” operation, significantly reducing reliance on other costly power supplies.

Neufahrn i. NB. The cogeneration of power and heat from regional resources is easier than ever before thanks to Spanner Re2’s Energy Block.
The innovative system includes a Biomass CHP and an intelligent regulation unit. All of which are perfectly balanced in a 20 or 40-foot-housed container.


The modular structure and ability to cascade the biomass CHP means the system offers maximum flexibility and can be easily adjusted to local conditions. . Power and heat production from locally sourced wood is consistently achieved with the Energy Block’s broad power spectrum options from 35 kWel to 780 kWel as well as 80 kWth to 1.8 MWth.

“With our new Energy Block Spanner Re2 offers a complete, efficient and bespoke off-grid solution. Ex-works pre-assembly and our cleverly devised Plug & Play technology means we can put the system into operation in a very short timeframe”, said the project director Jörg Kretschmer. The demand for an innovative energy technology in the renewable sector is becoming even more relevant due to the continuing rise in electricity costs, fossil fuel dependency and limited regional supply options. The Energy Block addresses that demand and uses a variety of different fuel types to operate including wood chips, pellets and briquettes.

“The desire to replace expensive, fossil diesel generators with eco-friendly energy is increasing. Off-grid solutions like the Energy Block provide a self-sufficient power supply that meets those needs perfectly”, explained Thomas Bleul, managing partner of Spanner Re2 GmbH. “Our Energy Block is also an excellent solution for suboptimal developed regions, to produce climate friendly power and heat. Our patented technology uses the energy from the sun which is stored in the wood and at the same time is adding value because the wood stays locally in the region”, said Bleul.

Hwam Autopilot IHS saves up to 50% on fuel consumption

Want to control your stove from your phone? Hwam stoves now have the new Autopilot IHS. Light a fire, set the temperature and sit back and enjoy! With the intelligent controls, it slashed fuel consumption by up to 50%! Contact us for more information or call our showroom 01625 422173

Grade 2 listed building central heating renewal

We are currently renovating the heating system on this beautifl grade 2 listed building. Do you have a large home requiring an updaye? Contact us for more information!

Tomkinson Heating complete wood chip CHP installation

Tomkinson Heating have completed the installation of a twin Spanner CHP system. The system runs on wood chip and will create heat and power for the on site poultry farm. Want to know more? Get in touch!

Biomass Combined Heat and Power

The Biomass CHP plant running our warehouse facility has so far ran for 6 months and provided all our heat and power requirements for the site. If your interested in cutting your reliance on the grid please get it touch.

Our diverse engineering

This week Tomkinson Heating Ltd have installed gas boilers, oil boilers, wood burning stoves, gas stoves, wood chip CHP, biomass boilers, underfloor heating, hot water cylinders  AND managed to have a few cups of tea all with our own staff (apart from a few great customers bringing tea out!). Need a company with an eclectic mix of engineering skills? Look no further!

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