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Coronavirus Update to our customers

Message to all our valued customers:

The safety and well-being of our customers and colleagues is always our number one priority, even more so now with the ever-changing progression of the Coronavirus outbreak. In response to the latest guidance and advice from the World Health Organisation and the Government, we’ve added some practical steps in order to protect the wellbeing of our customers and our colleagues.

We know that people's day-to-day lives are being disrupted and this is likely to become significantly worse but as far as possible for Tomkinson Heating, we will endeavour to provide the service and customer care we are known for. As the situation evolves, we will do everything in our power to keep you with heating and hot water.

Our policy:

If you are currently self-isolating, or suspect that you might be suffering from Coronavirus, we ask that as a precaution you inform us when booking an engineer visit so that we can plan the most suitable approach. Whilst the situation develops rapidly each appointment involving a customer who is self-isolating, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

In order to ensure we get to as many vulnerable people as possible during this period, we’re looking at our demand and capacity and prioritising as you would expect us to.

An annual service is essential to maintain the performance of the boiler and to validate the guarantee – this can be flexed for up to 6 months during this time. We’re committed to supporting you through this period and will ensure we offer flexibility around servicing timescales.

For all other work, our engineers will undertake the following;

  • Engineers have been instructed that they must self-isolate if they display any symptoms
  • We will be requesting customers to clear any working areas
  • No handshakes on arrival
  • Currently, keeping suitable distance between ourselves is recognised as best practice, we trust our customers will support our engineers and maintain a safe distance whilst they are at the property
  • Our engineers all carry personal protective equipment that can safeguard the working environment
  • We are providing our engineers with regular updates and coaching on hygiene and how to deal with their work in these situations

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience as we work through these challenges.

ECO 2022 Stove Emissions

There has been plenty of news recently over the emissions from wood burning appliances. Tomkinson Heating have welcomed the recent news which helps to educate everyone in fire efficiencies. This post will help explain to new emission rules that are set to change in 2022.


What are the new standards and how will they effect stoves?

Our current emissions are set at a level from DEFRA. You may already be aware of DEFRA approved stoves, which are allowed to be used within a smoke control area on certain fuels. The new air quality emissions that are being introduced in 2022 half the current DEFRA emissions limit. This therefore enforces that all stoves sold from JAN 2022 onwards, have to meet this new emission limit or they cannot be sold.


What about my existing stove?

Any installations made prior to this date do not have to meet the new emission limit and will not need to be removed. However, if your planning to install a new stove, a new Ecodesign stove will save you money on fuel due to its efficiency. These stoves come with precision air controls that recirculate particles and wood gases inside the firebox allowing them to be burnt off before they can leave the chimney. 


How do I know which stoves are eco-design ready?

You can easily see which stoves are ecodesign ready thanks to the SIA Ecodesign ready label. The Stove Industry Alliance's Ecodesign Ready Scheme independently verifies each stove to meet these emission targets.


Want to know more about the stoves we offer?

Contact our office and we can discuss your requirements. Due to our long standing place in the industry and accounts with the leading stove manufacturers, we have one of the largest ranges of Ecodesign ready stoves in the country allowing you to find your purfect style with the latest technology.


The image below courtesy of Stovax shows how much an Ecodesign stove will save you in fuel

Tomkinson Heating Ecodesign ready stoves


Revolutionary new Gas Micro CHP unit ready for the UK

Tomkinson Heating Ltd are proud to offer a new revolutionary natural gas Micro CHP unit for the UK market. The EnerTwin Micro CHP unit developed by MTT Micro Turbine Technology BV is capable of producing 3kW of single phase electrical power and 15kW of thermal power. The highly efficient and reliable micro turbine allows the unit to run for 5000 hours in-between services, dramatically reducing operational costs.

EnerTwin Micro CHPWe have supplied Combined Heat and Power units but up until now, they were only suitable for the larger industry with three-phase electrical supplies. By supplying the new EnerTwin unit, we can now service the large domestic and small commercial sector with an on-demand power generating unit helping cut energy bills and also dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

EnerTwin Micro CHP

Our on-going development will also include the introduction of a 2kW electrical output version that will be accredited under the Governments Feed-in-tariff.

For more information, please see our Micro CHP page or contact us on 01625 422173 or email to

Latest Church Heating Project Coming To A Close

Tomkinson Heating Ltd have recently been upgrading the boilers at St Marys Church in Astbury to provide them with reliable, high efficiency heating and hot water. Churches can be particularly challenging due to the layout and sensitive nature of the building. Tomkinson Heating Ltd have carried out a number of church heating systems throughout the years including our local Church in Prestbury, St Peters.

Winter is coming!

It may be summer but start thinking about your wood burning stoves and have them fitted ready for winter. With a free survey and specialist help, call Tomkinson Heating today and beat the rush!

Top three in Worcester apprentice program

Well done to our apprentice Rob who was selected as one of the top three in the Worcester apprentice support program!

Our on-going work in training new engineers for boiler installation and servicing is supported by Worcester where a select few are entered into a special training program at the Worcester Bosch headquarters.

Spanner RE2 release new Energy Block Biomass CHP systems

The cleverly designed Energy Block is a compact, turnkey solution that cogenerates heat and electricity from wood with maximum flexibility and autonomy. The system is ideal for ‘off-grid” operation, significantly reducing reliance on other costly power supplies.

Neufahrn i. NB. The cogeneration of power and heat from regional resources is easier than ever before thanks to Spanner Re2’s Energy Block.
The innovative system includes a Biomass CHP and an intelligent regulation unit. All of which are perfectly balanced in a 20 or 40-foot-housed container.


The modular structure and ability to cascade the biomass CHP means the system offers maximum flexibility and can be easily adjusted to local conditions. . Power and heat production from locally sourced wood is consistently achieved with the Energy Block’s broad power spectrum options from 35 kWel to 780 kWel as well as 80 kWth to 1.8 MWth.

“With our new Energy Block Spanner Re2 offers a complete, efficient and bespoke off-grid solution. Ex-works pre-assembly and our cleverly devised Plug & Play technology means we can put the system into operation in a very short timeframe”, said the project director Jörg Kretschmer. The demand for an innovative energy technology in the renewable sector is becoming even more relevant due to the continuing rise in electricity costs, fossil fuel dependency and limited regional supply options. The Energy Block addresses that demand and uses a variety of different fuel types to operate including wood chips, pellets and briquettes.

“The desire to replace expensive, fossil diesel generators with eco-friendly energy is increasing. Off-grid solutions like the Energy Block provide a self-sufficient power supply that meets those needs perfectly”, explained Thomas Bleul, managing partner of Spanner Re2 GmbH. “Our Energy Block is also an excellent solution for suboptimal developed regions, to produce climate friendly power and heat. Our patented technology uses the energy from the sun which is stored in the wood and at the same time is adding value because the wood stays locally in the region”, said Bleul.

Hwam Autopilot IHS saves up to 50% on fuel consumption

Want to control your stove from your phone? Hwam stoves now have the new Autopilot IHS. Light a fire, set the temperature and sit back and enjoy! With the intelligent controls, it slashed fuel consumption by up to 50%! Contact us for more information or call our showroom 01625 422173

Grade 2 listed building central heating renewal

We are currently renovating the heating system on this beautifl grade 2 listed building. Do you have a large home requiring an updaye? Contact us for more information!

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