Worcester bosch range


At Tomkinson Heating we can provide Boiler Installations ranging from replacing an old boiler to a full new central heating system. We install different boilers depending on the house and requirements.

We provide a free survey and will recommend the correct setup for your home and provide quotations for installations. If you would like to book a free survey please call or email us and we will book you in.


Complete new central heating and hot water system? No problem!

We can provide full heating and hot water systems for you home. We particularly specialise in the renovation of heating systems in large properties using our knowledge in commercial heating systems

Aga Rayburn Installation

The Rayburn Cookmaster is as versatile as you are in the kitchen, offering a choice of fuel, size and design options to match your needs - whether your kitchen is creatively casual or fully fitted down to the last detail. You can opt for a conventional flue or power flue, which allows you to position your Rayburn Cookmaster almost anywhere. And certain models are thermostatically controlled to maintain a constant temperature.

You can choose from a range of sizes and enamel colours and - with the ultimately flexible Heatranger models - the Rayburn provides domestic hot water and central heating. 

At Tomkinson Heating we are part of the Rayburn guild of specialist fitters allowing you to have a quality and GUARANTEED installation. Please contact us to get more information or visit Aga's website at http://www.aga-web.co.uk/