Gas boiler/radiator installation

The boiler in my house had issues when my partner and I first purchased our home.

After ALOT of research on boilers as I am obsessed with researching stuff into great lengths before I part with hard hard cash I have decided we needed a Worcester boiler.

Upon calling Tomkinson’s heating I was greeting by a more then friendly Steve. We discussed the best needs etc for what I was after and agreed on the right boiler for our application.

Not only has Tomkinson’s fitted the Worcester boiler along with the Worcester wave, they have moved radiators for me and also service our system.

More then happy to pay for the quality and professionalism.

I also believe in supporting local businesses, this puts the food on the plates of local families and keeps my money within our community!

Well established business with a great reputation of quality and as long as they are around, they have my business