Cryptocurrency Mining Power Generation

Take power over your mining operations

Tomkinson Heating Bitcoin Mining

With the amount of mining capacity increasing across the world for various Crytocurrencies, the main criteria for assessing the profitability of any mining set-up is the hash rate of your equipment and the power required to run it.

The Hash rate of your equipment is set by the manufacturer however, the electrical supply costs can prove very volatile and expensive. With the UK energy cost for electric averaging 14p/kW, this operating cost is taken straight off the profits of the mining.

We have developed a series of power generation equipment, running from natural gas and LPG which can be deployed to any mining site and produce clean, constant power, cheaper than the grid prices giving a higher rate of profits on mining equipment. The units also produce heat which can be used for heating on site buildings or more importantly, a chiller system integrated to provide cool air to the server/ mining rooms to help maintain and prolong the life of all mining equipment.

Micro turbine power generation

Crypto mining micro turbine

Our carefully selected range of units all use state of the art micro turbines which have several advantages over a normal reciprocating engine:

  • Simple start/stop capability
  • Only one moving part for greater reliability
  • No oil changes and long service intervals
  • Inverter driven power output for clean electric suitable for sensitive electrical equipment
  • Remote access for monitoring
  • Patented components