Biomass CHP

Spanner RE2 Wood Chip CHP System - 45kWe, 110Kwth

Utilising dry wood chips, over 400 systems are in operation around the world. The high qulaity gas powers an 8 litre V8 generator providing steady heat and power. Wood chips can be provided from local areas and dried on site using the systems own heat supply.

Wood carburettor CHP

According to principles of cogeneration, the Spanner Wood Cogeneration System converts wood chips into power and warmth with high efficiency. The systems are run using natural wood chips and provide attractive cost advantages and/or increased power yields according to location and legal conditions. Hundreds of our systems are used in Europe, Asia and North America in agriculture and forestry, hotels, restaurants and heat grids.

The newly developed, compact wood cogeneration systems HV30-V1.1 and HV45-V1.1 make it possible to fit the systems in rooms with a minimum standard ceiling height of 2.50m. Besides heat insulation, all the heat-carrying components are covered with a resistant coating. A more efficient generator is used for the CHP, which further increases the efficiency of the overall system.

With respect to internal values, such as for process leading and its components, this has provided great results for hundreds of operators over a total of several million operating hours: a compact reformer, condensate-free wood gas purification and intelligent, fully-automated process regulation. The performance sizes of 30 kWel or 45 kWel have proved themselves, as these dimensions have proven as particularly good in covering base loads for heating grids. If necessary, several systems can be combined seamlessly.

The heart of the wood cogeneration plant is an efficient, robust combined heat and power system (CHP). The plant consists of an innovative reformer and a CHP powered by wood gas.

Depending on the model, the plant generates electric power between 30 and 45 kWel and a total heat power of 80 to 120 kWth. Wood chip consumption is between 30 and 45kg/h equalling consumption of approx. 1kg/h wood chips per kWel electric output.


Technical advantages of a wood cogeneration plant:

  • Innovative technology, trusted system technology– No experiments: Our plants integrate Spanner's proven combined knowledge and many decades of application experience in the automotive and plant industries with innovative cogeneration plant technology. You can therefore be sure that state of the art technology in a highly efficient plant will reliably work for you for many decades.
  • Successful in operation – Numerous wood cogeneration systems are successfully in use in several European countries, North America and Asia.
  • High efficiency – The principle of CHP in a wood cogeneration system makes optimum use of wood as a natural resource via the wood carburettor. Wood is much too valuable to just burn it!
  • Natural wood chips as fuel – The wood cogeneration system is fuelled with conventional wood chips. Therefore, you can use forest wood just as easily as wood from short rotation coppices.


Overview - Technical specifications of individual wood generation plants

Designation HK 30 HK 45

Nominal electric power 30 kWel 45 kWel

Electrical output 400 V / 50 Hz

Nominal thermal power 73 kWth 108 kWth

Thermal output Flow: max. 85° C, return: max. 65° C

Wood chip consumption (7000 h)   180 tATRO 270 tATRO

Raw wood chip quality Raw materials group 1.1. (Logging remains, wood trunks, whole trees without roots)
Particle size P16S according to DIN EN ISO 17225-4; corresponds to G30
Quality class B2 according to DIN EN ISO 17225-4
Water content max. 13 %
Fine parts max. 30 % (< 4 mm)
Ash max. 3 %